Apr 24, 2010


Here I am again with a new diptych. This week the theme was white and my partner was Morgan Kendall, a very talented photographer.

As soon as the pairs were picked, I got an e-mail from Morgan suggesting us to make a feminine piece, something using white flowing sheer fabric and light. I was glad with her concept since the possibilities were infinite.

Of course I thought immediately of doing something bridal, but after thinking twice it would be too clich├ęd. My idea was then making a feminine piece without "too obviously" feminine elements. The message I want to put across is that you can be really feminine, even though you’re not girlish: the most important is to always keep your own nature.

Check out the result of our diptych here.

Miss Match: fPOE Diptych Project
Week 4: White
Left: Silvia Reitsma (me)
Right: Morgan Kendall

Working with Morgan taught me how to be resolute when picking a concept, but at the same time keeping the flexibility within the concept: a learnt lesson that can be applicable in many areas of life.

If you want to see more of Morgan’s work you can visit her shop at: http://mkendall.etsy.com


Moonangelnay said...

excellent post, and i love what you both came up with. the pictures are wonderful!

Patricia said...

those are really beautiful!

jdavissquared said...

so very pretty! great job!

found you on etsy forums, come visit me too!


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