May 21, 2010


Miss Match: FPOE Diptych Project
Week 6: Water
Left: Myan
Right: Silvia Reitsma (me)

May 4, 2010


I got a great gift last week. I had huge smile when I got to know my theme in the Miss Match project was nostalgia. In a flash I could see exactly what for mood, objects and light I wanted to picture. Actually, the story I wanted to depict came into my mind in matter of seconds. The results you can see below. I bet you won't guess what it originated from.

Miss Match: FPOE Diptych Project
Week 5: Nostalgia
Left: Julia Williams
Right: Silvia Reitsma (me)

On the left you see the incredibly beautiful shot of Julia Williams, my partner this week. Isn't it fabulous how she captured her personal nostalgic moment, her own feelings in this photo?

Apr 24, 2010


Here I am again with a new diptych. This week the theme was white and my partner was Morgan Kendall, a very talented photographer.

As soon as the pairs were picked, I got an e-mail from Morgan suggesting us to make a feminine piece, something using white flowing sheer fabric and light. I was glad with her concept since the possibilities were infinite.

Of course I thought immediately of doing something bridal, but after thinking twice it would be too clich├ęd. My idea was then making a feminine piece without "too obviously" feminine elements. The message I want to put across is that you can be really feminine, even though you’re not girlish: the most important is to always keep your own nature.

Check out the result of our diptych here.

Miss Match: fPOE Diptych Project
Week 4: White
Left: Silvia Reitsma (me)
Right: Morgan Kendall

Working with Morgan taught me how to be resolute when picking a concept, but at the same time keeping the flexibility within the concept: a learnt lesson that can be applicable in many areas of life.

If you want to see more of Morgan’s work you can visit her shop at:

Apr 18, 2010


As many of you know I am focused at the moment on Etsy. I discovered it in September 2009 when reading the book Taking Flight of Kelly Rae Roberts. Last January I opened my own store and have been hooked ever since. I've been busy with photography for many many years, but never had the opportunity nor the courage to share them openly like now. Actually I was not sure if anyone, one day, would pay any cent for them. Everything looked so distant. But anyway, here I am now, enjoying fully my participation on Etsy, Flickr, Facebook and making wonderful new friends online.

I joined a group called Female Photographers of Etsy (fPOE) which is filled with fantastic photographers! fPOE recently started a Diptych project where you are paired up with a different photographer every week and you create a diptych based on a theme picked for your pair. This week was my first participation and I was paired up with Jennifer Aitchison. Our theme was outdoors. Our Diptych is below.

Miss Match: fPOE Diptych Project
Week 3: Outdoors
Left: Silvia Reitsma (me)
Right: Jennifer Aitchison

On the right is Jennifer's photo. Absolute gorgeous shot! What light! I love the joy reflected on the silhouette of parent-child. Breathtaking, isn't it? It was SO much constructive and inspiring working together. I love her photography.

You can visit Jen's shop at:

Apr 7, 2010

Paris, my impressions

I will start my summary of Paris by saying, simply, that it’s a city I’d visit again - but never live in. It’s heaven for tourists, but it’s obvious that it’s not the nicest/cleanest/safest of cities. Visitors get a nice shiny impression (or those who can afford the $$$$$ to live in the luxurious parts of the city), but beneath the surface there’s a city that’s really not all that hospitable.

On the list of negatives: the traffic is utter chaos. There’s also lots of graffiti and vandalism, and apparently crime and gang activity. You’ve probably heard of the riots that have taken place in Paris. Driving in and out of the city, it was clear that the neighbourhoods beyond the tourist core were rough. I did not feel safe at all, specially at the metro, which is visibly outdated and not well kept.

Despite all this, as a tourist it can be perfect. Paris found a unique way to preserve all of the historical areas. Paris is much more than just famous sites, of course. I also took time to soak up the atmosphere of the French culture. Sidewalk cafes were more plentiful than I even imagined they could be, and the coffee was nice, strong but expensive. It’s relaxing to sit on the sidewalk and watch everything go by while you slowly sip and chat.

But, I will write about a disappointment. The most idealistic spot to view and photograph the Eiffel Tower is from across La Seine among the fountains of The Trocadero. I went there expecting to take a perfect photo... but no, the fountains were shut off. Seriously, why were so many things I wanted to see in Paris is under construction or covered up with scaffolding?!? A deception for any photographer.

Well, it was a nice pleasant trip, but now it is time to wake up. Time to get things done. I have around 300 photos to go through and develop.

Mar 23, 2010

Etsy Euro Week 2010

Etsy provides a venue through which anyone can shop directly from artists all around the globe. From March 22 to March 27 show your love for European art, craft and vintage. Tell to your friends and family!

Feb 24, 2010

Shoreline Collection

Since I grew up on an island, it is impossible to me to live far away from the coast. I love the seashore and the white noise of waves on the beach. It is the best place for peace seekers. Based on my roots and on my actual moment I´m working on a shoreline collection in black and white.

With black and white photography, you need high contrast. In both photos the white lines lead our eyes in ways they do not in a color picture.

The tonal contrast is an essential element in the first photo. Note the delimitation between the dark water and the white sand. We still can see a greyish line in the vertical center, exactly where the waves are breaking, what adds balance to the composition.The converging lines in the second photo are so powerful, leading the eye from the foreground to the horizon. I got exactly the what I expected: very dynamic compositions.

Both images are listed in my Etsy shop.

Feb 22, 2010

A Fairy Tale Experience

Last weekend I've been out looking for any kind of element that would give me a dreamy feeling. The initial idea was to shoot some morning hazy scenes. After driving around for a while and observing Dutch buildings, I decided to combine the dreamy with historic, let me say: nostalgic dreams.

The final destination was the Muiderslot castle, located in Muiden, a village nearby Amsterdam. I've never been there before and I was amazed with the majesty of the castle. That place smells history and I like that. I felt like I could be in some sort of fairy tale and I fully expected a prince to come wandering around from the other side to say hello.

Feb 19, 2010

Choose Your Path

Last spring I traveled the Romantic Road in Germany and saw many beautiful sights. This road went through a bunch of little medieval towns and my buddy, the camera, worked overtime there. I highly recommend this trip!
Today I processed one of the photos as a black and white and I would like to share the result with you. I have listed this image in my etsy shop.

Feb 15, 2010

Peacock and Chicken

Walking through a nearby park, I got kind of discouraged. Gray sky, dead trees all around and nature in deep sleep! No appealing subjects whatsoever, until I witnessed a scene of a peacock trying to chase away a chicken by shaking his impressive plumage. The chicken was not even slightly touched and just kept on searching around for food. It became my quest to take a shot of that scene, but unfortunately they just turned around heading away, resulting in a nice view of the peacock's rear end.

Waiting with my fingers freezing, finally I got lucky enough and the peacock turned around showing me his more elegant side. I had my bright new 50mm f1.4 lens ready and shot the image. This lens is superb, wonderful in low-light days and awesome depth of field!

Besides cropping the image into a pleasing composition and adding a layer with the viewfinder of a vintage duaflex camera, I hardly had to correct the image in my digital lab. I hope you enjoy the result!

Feb 14, 2010


Just wanted to share with you a wonderful video found on YouTube with some of the masterpieces of amazing old school photographers.

Feb 1, 2010

Plans for the coming future

I‘ve quit my daily job last december. I have had some pity comments from people ‘If it makes you happy, then I’m happy.’ Well, some paths are not for everyone. But the truth is, I am happy. This is what I wanted: to be my own boss. I have a plan going into this. I’ve been applying for freelance jobs AND at the same time I’ve started up a fine art photography shop on Etsy.

Working from home is going to bring on some challenges but really I am going to get to sell art. I’m not sure how much better it can get but I’m sure much fun is going to happen.

Jan 12, 2010

Start up!

I can't believe it's already 2010! I initially hadn't planned any specific resolutions, but since it's that time of year, I'm starting to think about what I want to accomplish this year. I used to keep a journal, but I haven't in awhile. I'm thrilled, because this year I'm going to start journaling again.
So in the spirit of trying new things, I'm starting this blog. This will be my corner; where I will share some of my adventures and some of my random thoughts.