Apr 7, 2010

Paris, my impressions

I will start my summary of Paris by saying, simply, that it’s a city I’d visit again - but never live in. It’s heaven for tourists, but it’s obvious that it’s not the nicest/cleanest/safest of cities. Visitors get a nice shiny impression (or those who can afford the $$$$$ to live in the luxurious parts of the city), but beneath the surface there’s a city that’s really not all that hospitable.

On the list of negatives: the traffic is utter chaos. There’s also lots of graffiti and vandalism, and apparently crime and gang activity. You’ve probably heard of the riots that have taken place in Paris. Driving in and out of the city, it was clear that the neighbourhoods beyond the tourist core were rough. I did not feel safe at all, specially at the metro, which is visibly outdated and not well kept.

Despite all this, as a tourist it can be perfect. Paris found a unique way to preserve all of the historical areas. Paris is much more than just famous sites, of course. I also took time to soak up the atmosphere of the French culture. Sidewalk cafes were more plentiful than I even imagined they could be, and the coffee was nice, strong but expensive. It’s relaxing to sit on the sidewalk and watch everything go by while you slowly sip and chat.

But, I will write about a disappointment. The most idealistic spot to view and photograph the Eiffel Tower is from across La Seine among the fountains of The Trocadero. I went there expecting to take a perfect photo... but no, the fountains were shut off. Seriously, why were so many things I wanted to see in Paris is under construction or covered up with scaffolding?!? A deception for any photographer.

Well, it was a nice pleasant trip, but now it is time to wake up. Time to get things done. I have around 300 photos to go through and develop.

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PhotoPuddle said...

Really interesting post. I think I feel the same way. I have been a couple of times and would love to visit again but wouldn't like to actually live there. I think it's a bit of a romantic dream for many which wouldn't live up to the expectation. (I think I maybe thinking a bit about the end of Sex and the City here).
Last time I went I took loads of photos but have not been back since I became such a lover of photography. I would love to visit again with my camera!
And really love this shot the the rainbow!

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