Feb 24, 2010

Shoreline Collection

Since I grew up on an island, it is impossible to me to live far away from the coast. I love the seashore and the white noise of waves on the beach. It is the best place for peace seekers. Based on my roots and on my actual moment I´m working on a shoreline collection in black and white.

With black and white photography, you need high contrast. In both photos the white lines lead our eyes in ways they do not in a color picture.

The tonal contrast is an essential element in the first photo. Note the delimitation between the dark water and the white sand. We still can see a greyish line in the vertical center, exactly where the waves are breaking, what adds balance to the composition.The converging lines in the second photo are so powerful, leading the eye from the foreground to the horizon. I got exactly the what I expected: very dynamic compositions.

Both images are listed in my Etsy shop.


Carol B said...

Beautiful! Ansel Adams would be proud.

victoria kloch said...

Love your work!

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